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Celebrating 25 Years

The UK's leading distributor to the independent trade of satellite equipment & consumer electronics via our 10 regional branches around the UK.

  • 4G - Are you ready?

    Eurosat are here to help guide you through the possible effects of the introduction of 4G on TV reception
    UK » Tue, April 09, 2013

    • 4G will be introduced this summer and will be using the 800MHz band.
    • Areas close to a 4G transmitter using channel 60 may experience interference to their Freeview service.
    • It is possible that households close to a 4G transmitter may experience inteference regardless of channel number.
    • Eurosat are working with all leading manufacturers to supply a comprehensive range of LTE/4G products to mitigate inteference.

    Eurosat will continue to update you with information and are offering 4G/LTE training courses through April & May. Please contact your local branch for further details.